What I use on my Windows Machines. -->Part One


Some programs I use for my Windows 10 machines that keep my life easy.

Package Manager

Chocolatey is my package manager. It makes installing and maintenance of your windows apps so damn easy. It’s simple. So many apps that you already use and love can be easily installed or updated with some simple commands in Terminal (PWRSHELL, CMD).

choco install vlc 7zip.install firefox chrome

This one line installs all of those packages. Check out more Packages HERE.

Visual Studio Code

choco install vscode

I use to be a fan of VIM/AIM or notepad, now I am completely hooked on Visual Studio Code.

Coding is so much quicker in all accepts with Emmet on. Just tap tab and auto-complete does it all.

I use almost 40 extensions running in VSCODE just to make things visually easier to see your lines, your brackets and code.

Krita ( Photoshop is Boring Now)

choco install krita

Krita has to be the best thing I’ve come across in a long time. Thankfully installing Ubuntu on an old laptop last summer introduced me to this amazing piece of software. I’m super happy with the ease in transition from drawing in Photoshop to this. The added tools and pen tablet enhanced modes make workflow a dream. I don’t even like using photoshop for brush strokes at all anymore. I’d rather copy it from Krita and go into Photoshop if needed, which is rare.

VeraCrypt Why Not Secure your Data

choco install veracrypt

I have been using this free amazing app for a few years now. It offers amazing Encryption and added security to your precious files. You can make a drive secure, or turn any file into a secure drive only accessable with a key that you can make or have the randomizer make for you. SECURE YOUR FILES FOLKS. Don’t let the bored hacker get your precious infos.

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